April 26, 2015

Klique_SD 2015

In the last year, I have been documenting the Lowrider lifestyle with Miguel Alatorre and his car-club, Klique SD. Miguel showed me the scene in early 2014, and we gathered a variety of visuals and narratives. This video is a summation not only to educate the future prospects and children of Klique members, but also to enlighten the outside world of the sometimes misunderstood lifestyle of a Lowrider club.
We want to thank the Klique SD members and families, the SDSU students (who filmed / edited the majority of this segment), and everyone who took the time and effort to help us create this collaboration.
I also want to thank Jesus Jimenez, who co-directed this, and Miguel Alatorre who brought me into the world of "Lowriding".

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