May 17, 2014


NIGHTRUN - Box One Collective from Box One on Vimeo.

Tsuki No Usagi goes for a Nightrun. The Nightworld is his free zone. We've all been there before.
Nightrun is a collaborative effort between myself and Reggie Mah. It’s something that every car guy can relate to. Being up late, bored, with nothing to do. You go for a nightrun. Everyone has their favourite route, or their favourite destination to drive to late at night. Just being alone, driving your car with no one on the road to slow you down is the best feeling. Nightrun is our interpretation of that feeling.
Concept and Directed: Jonny Sundell and Reggie Mah
Film/Grade/Edit: Jonny Sundell
Tick of the Clock - Chromatics
Fight to the Top - Lazerhawk

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